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Trail Work and Conditions as of 12/15/17
Today Rob Reid and Gary checked the railroad bed for downed trees and confirmed that gates are open between Upper Valley Grill and General store and CA12, then New Discovery campground.  Tristan followed us, turning around at CA12 (Lanesboro), then going up C302A, but turning around before getting to Eastman's (not enough snow / base).  Tristan groomed back down to CA1 and turned around and back to his shop.  Rob and Gary opened all the gates around Butterfield parking lot, where there's lots of snow, but Tristan wasn't able to get there to groom.  That afternoon, Gary, by himself, opened the Pine Mountain gates on Route 5 and rode from CA4 to the Highway Route 2 in Cabot, opening all the gates and fences.  He returned on the railroad bed that Grizzly Mountain Grooming had groomed and found the trail in excellent condition, especially from CA12 to the Boulder Beach road crossing.

During the day they found many trees down across the trail that you have to either go over, under or around. If you go out this weekend be careful!  Gary and Taylor will be going back out Saturday to cut out the trees.

PS.  Gary did 100.7 miles!!


Next Club Meeting:

POSTPONED:  New Date will be forthcoming.
Friday, December 15, 2017  7:00 pm
Groton Community Bldg

Trails officially open Saturday, December 16th

This is why we have the best trails in the NEK:

The group this weekend consisted of Gary Lamberton, Kevin McDonnell, Buzzy Eastman, Cary Rogers and Rob Lockwood.

On Saturday Gary, Kevin and Cary put up signage along the New Discovery campground, Lanesboro fields and then from the bridge to Clough's farm in South Ryegate.  After lunch they installed whips and signs to protect the Christmas trees on the farm on 232.  Kevin cleared downed trees along one partiular section of 232.
Gary reported that on Sunday, "Buzzy Eastman, Rob Lockwood and I went to Cabot to flag the fields on the 232 corridor field.  The fields make up about a mile of trail, ending at Highway Route 2 and start on the Houghton road on the Peacham / Cabot town line, CA17.
We loaded up a 6 wheeler with about 150 whips that Buzzy cut and had already stapled the green pennants on.  I would pace out the width and distance apart that each flag needs to be set and layed the whip / flag on the ground.  Rob and Buzzy would follow on foot using an iron bar / sledge hammer to poke a hole in the ground and insert the whip.  

We finished up around Noon.  While we were in Cabot, Kevin was putting up his junction signs on the loop on corridor 302 and 302A plus the north loop of the 2014 Sprocket trail, returning on the 302 trail.  CA numbers are CA7, CA5, CA23, CA24, returning to CA5 and down to CA6..  There were quite a few trees down for Kevin to also cut up and move off the trail."
Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Trail_work_11_18_17_a/11_18_17_Trail_work_CA1_38_group.jpgWe had an awesome volunteer turnout for our trail work this past weekend! We had a total of 19 volunteers, some working both weekends! Each day we met at the Upper Valley Grill at 9 a.m. and worked until around 3 p.m.

On Saturday, November 18th, the weather was cold and windy.  Thirteen volunteers worked to clear the railroad bed trails from the Upper Valley Grill to CA 1.  Thank you Mark DuBois, Toby Rock, Fran Pare, Fran Budgen, Steve Arnold, Taylor Lamberton, Gary Lamberton, Kevin McDonnell, Lyle Johnson, Emily Rae, Tom Kudlacik, Roarke and Jeff. 

On Sunday, November 19th, mother nature threw rain, sleet and snow flurries at us before clearing up, though temperatures stayed around 35-40 degrees.  And still we had 11 volunteers helping to clear the railroad bed from where it crosses Rt 232 near Kettle Pond North to the next junction at Lanesboro, CA 12.  Then we moved on to clear Corridor 2 towards New Discovery parking lot.  A couple of big trees had to be taken down, and the trail was widened by focusing on clearing the sides.  Thank you Dan Cwirka, Anthony D'Addario, Wayne Vetre, KC Craig, Amanda Joy, Josh Patterso, Emily Rae, Tom Kudlacik, Gary Lamberton, Taylor Lamberton, Kevin McDonnell!

Pictures will be posted to the website soon.  You can also go to our Facebook page to see some pictures.  The next club meeting and scheduled trail work is listed below. 

Don't forget, December 15th is the cut-off for TMA early bird discounts!  


Bill Cam

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Betty Cam

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