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A very memorable snowmobile season in the Northeast Kingdom is over, though Mother Nature doesn't seem to want to move on!



to all of our landowners for sharing your properties, for without you we wouldn't have any foundation for our sport! ..........

to all of our volunteers, for without you our trails wouldn't be prepared for the season! ...........

to all of our members for buying our TMA's and supporting our club! ..........

to Upper Valley Grill and Hunter's in CT for selling our TMA's! ..........

And thank you to Grizzly Mountain Grooming and Buzzy for keeping our trails in such great shape during the riding season! 

We would like to give a shout out to Buzzy for taking Big Blue out of retirement this season!!! Our Grizzly Mountain Groomer broke down and Big Blue and Buzzy were there to accept the challenge! 



Sent in by Troy Tarbell.  He writes "302 Rail Bed last Saturday...this picture I took during our ride was one of three winning photos picked by VAST on their Facebook contest this week. There were about 250 entries ! ...and we are all members of your club."  Thanks for sharing Troy!




Here's some pics shared by one of our riders, Pete Neff.  

 2017_18_Season_Photos/031518A5.jpg 2017_18_Season_Photos/031518A4.jpg2017_18_Season_Photos/031518A2.jpg 2017_18_Season_Photos/031518A3.jpg 2017_18_Season_Photos/031518A1.jpg


Here are pictures of Upper Valley Grill on March 7th
before the storm and then March 9th after the storm. 

(We got approximately 10 inches from that storm.)  
  2017_18_Season_Photos/3718UVG0850AM.JPG 2017_18_Season_Photos/3-9-18UVG.jpg
We had a great turnout this year!  Sold out by 1:00p.m.
Thank you to our club volunteers; the Groton Fire Department for cooking up some great chicken;
our landowners for sharing their land with us; and all of the snowmobiliers and town patrons who came out to support us!

Bill Cam

Click on Picture to get to Live Feed

Betty Cam

Click on Picture to get Live Feed


If you enjoy the live feed from the web cams, please send a donation to:

The Buckaroos of 302, Box 171, Groton, VT 05046.

to make a donation via Paypal.  Donations will help offset the costs of maintaining this website and trail grooming.

Click on the pictures to gain a live feed from the Upper Valley Grill or the Eastmans. Thank you Bill and Betty / Buzzy for allowing us this opportunity.